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Getting back to our roots...

Innate Equine is a husband and wife team.  We are two qualified and very experienced equine practitioners, each of us having nearly 15yrs of professional practice.  Nathan is an equine Podiotherapist and Nadine an equine Naturopath.  We both practice in the field (including dual consults), do rehabilitation, run various clinics and work on the farm.

In 2020, we sold a busy and successful business (Happy Horse Australia) where we formulated & manufactured retail-end natural products for horses, sold primarily across Australia (retail outlets, wholesale & online).  We have since re-calibrated our life's compass (as one must do from time to time) to follow a most charming and creative path, in a familiar yet consciously redefined way. 

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With a new property (based in East Gippsland, Vic) and a fresh approach to our business, we are quite literally getting back to our roots of growing, harvesting and processing herbs into base-products, such as tinctures / extracts & infused oils, for use in the natural animal health care industry, particularly for other practitioners and manufacturers. 


 Complimentary to this, we are very excited to be reestablishing a herb farm with the addition of a boutique nursery to supply the public with equine safe plants.   Offering diverse and beneficial browsing options for a wide range of horse environments - including track type systems and for individual requirements.  We expect harvesting and sales of select plants to begin in 2024, so stay tuned!  As passionate practitioners, we will continue see clients in the field for hoof and health related appointments/consultations.

Clinics & Education - we'll still travel for a limited number of hoof trimming clinics,  however a wider range of clinics and workshops (TBA for 2024) will be held at our property Hartland River Park.   We are ardent supporters of education and equipping owners with practical knowledge that makes a positive and lasting difference to their human/horse experience.

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