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ideal hoof.jpg
Wild horse hooves - as nature intended
Presenting at Equitana

After many years

I am opening my books! 

...however only to a limited number of

new clients (particularly in the

East Gippsland region). 


At this point in my career, I am selective

and will only be accepting clients who

are passionate about their horse's health

and committed to resolving issues should

they arise.   


Owner Trimmers highly encouraged!

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Pistol and Nhucha_edited.jpg
Pistol (ASH/QH) & Nhucha (Clydesdale)

Equine Podiotherapy

My Name is Nathan Marshall and I’m a fully qualified and insured Equine Podiotherapist, with close to 15yrs working in the field professionally.

Equine Podiotherapy can be explained in lay terms as being similar to a Farrier, except with a constant aim to see horses develop hooves which can perform sustainably without shoes.  “Barefoot” however is not simply the same as a horse with no shoes on.  Although it may seem semantics, the approach is very different to a traditional 'paddock' trim.  The Diploma in Equine Podiotherapy is the highest level of hoofcare qualification in Australia.  The industry is not regulated and anyone can advertise and charge for 'hoofcare'.  Of course many factors are important when choosing a practitioner, particularly experience, results and if they are a good fit for you and your horse.  


During my studies, I was blessed with both local and international teachers/mentors that are considered the best of the best, including Andrew Bowe, Professor Bob Bowker, Dr Kerry Ridgeway, Sharon May-Davis and many others. 

I found myself ignited with a particular interest around severe rehabilitation cases and picked the brains of my mentors at every opportunity.  The learning never stops...


It is my belief that as horse owners, we aught to strive for what nature intended if we are to achieve optimal and sustainable health.  Inevitably there will be gaps in a domestic horse’s life, so it is our role to find ways we can offset the differences.  In relation to hooves, nature’s emery board has them moving 20-40km per day on gritty, abrasive footing, searching for food and subsequently self-maintaining the length of hoof wall.  Such high demands for movement not only thoroughly stimulate blood flow, but promote integrity of internal soft tissues that make up part of the 'suspension system'.  It’s not realistic to offer the domestic horse this type of wild lifestyle, but we can emulate hoof wear via appropriate trimming practices and implementing dietary and environmental improvements that mimic a horses natural environment, through the use of track systems and holistic management. 


In my experience, the healthiest domestic hooves come from trimming a little, as often as possible.  This is where the owner trimmer can really shine and gradually build (potentially) better hooves than the pro’s can give you, even with consistent visits!

What I offer...

4 weekly cycles (shorter cycles may be temporarily recommended in some rehabilitation cases)

reliability, punctuality, professional conduct, honesty and respect to both clients and their horses. 

extensive experience across general hoof care, pathologies and severe rehabilitation

support for owner trimmers

electronic consult report / visit feedback 

My services include:

Regular barefoot trimming (4 week cycle)

Hoofboot fitting

Young horses

Transitioning from shoes to Barefoot

Hoof Rehabilitation 


Hoof Cracks



Seedy Toe and White Line Disease (WLD)

Hoof Imbalances

Lameness Issues

Navicular Syndrome

Thin Soles

Contracted Heels



I also love teaching and empowering people to have more understanding and control of their horses needs.  I have been a presenter at Equitana, frequented pony clubs to offer my knowledge, and encourage owners who wish to undertake part (or all) of their hoofcare needs.

Please check out our Clinics page if this interests you.  Anyone who attends one of our hoof trimming clinics are invited to join our private fb group where I offer ongoing trimming training videos and support.  I’m also available to previous students for home visits (or at our property - Hartland River Park) when extra personalised support is needed. 

Equine Naturopathy

Equine Naturopathy

My name is Nadine Marshall and I'm a fully qualified & insured Equine Naturopath, with over a decade of professional practice and 40+ years with horses of my own. 


While many health issues can be simple and straightforward to deal with, I really enjoy the challenge of "tricky" cases.  All too often I see owners overwhelmed by a deluge of well meaning but conflicting advice or swimming in circles with "must have" supplements and products, only to gain temporary relief, or worse have no real resolution to their problems.    

string ball.png

This is the kind of mess some horses are in.  Where does one problem start and another finish? 

Owners can end up disillusioned and losing hope because despite vigorous efforts, their horse is still suffering, not thriving or now has additional issues to contend with.  

Unravelling the mess is key.  Understanding how complex, yet stunningly clever the whole, integrated system is, is where the answers lay.  Did you know:

An underfunctioning immune system can cause wounds to heal slowly 

Gut permeability (leaky gut) can          make your horse 'over react' to insects bites

A hormone called Leptin helps your horse feel satiated and stop eating.  A regularly hungry or restricted horse can actually produce less Leptin

A fat shiny horse doesn't necessarily equal health.  A diet that produces 'fat' & 'shiny' can also produce systemic inflammation (eg. allergies, hormonal issues, digestive problems, unsoundness & more).  

Its All Connected!

On the flipside, it cannot be overstated how powerful and significant small management changes can be, often bypassing expensive and frustrating health journeys months or years down the track.

Being a 'trickle feeder' the biggest nutritional requirement of the horse is FIBRE.  Fibre is the safest source of energy & body heat

Minimising inflammation through diet has big impacts - reduce issues like itchy skin, weepy eyes, niggling coughs and more!  

Lots of chewing = lots of saliva = less ulcers!

A horse with 24/7 access to a slow feed haynet (non rich hay) has more chance of losing weight than one being locked up or kept on short grass!  And more humane!

Naturopathy seeks to address the root cause of health problems and support the natural and sophisticated healing capabilities of the body. 


Bringing things back in alignment with the innate nature of the horse is at the very core of how I approach health care, and is quintessential to achieving reliable and sustainable health.  

I can help you make sense of what's going on, and support your horse's return to optimal health.

My services include:

  • nutritional advice & holistic feed plans

  • herbal medicine

  • pasture & environment management

  • stress management

  • joint/tendon/mobility issues

  • EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome)

  • laminitis rehabilitation & prevention

  • hormonal imbalances

  • weight gain / loss programs

  • fertility issues

  • FEC's (faecal egg counts) 

  • hay testing

  • practical solutions to a myriad of health issues such as: slow healing wounds, allergies, skin problems, coughs, itches, scours, photosensitivity, rainscald, and so much more! 

  • consult recommendation report

Small management adjustments can be powerful and significant game changers  

In-person consults preferred (local service area only - East Gippsland, Vic) however can arrange phone consults where this is not possible.


To book a consult please

send me a message with a brief description of the issue and I will contact you (typically) within 24hrs to discuss your needs.  

Fees vary depending on complexity of the issues and services sought.  Discussing your individual requirements with me first will determine the best course of action and

costs involved.

Mojo n Me.jpeg
"Mojo" Australian Stockhorse who taught me so much, but left us too soon
Sollie n Me.jpeg
"Sultan" my purebred Morgan.  A healing partnership sent from the heavens
toffee pat_edited.jpg
2nd Chance Rehab horse "Toffee"
Emergency call out to a horse with
penetrated pedal bones
A team.jpg
A labour of love and a pleasure to work together

Dual Consults
& Rehabilitation 

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

                                    - Aristotle

Dual Consults

Underpinning everything we do is a science based, holistic philosophy and approach.  This so aptly applies when we work together, combining our knowledge and experience to give clients something quite special; a comprehensive frame of reference and a collaborative vantage point.   Your horse benefits from two very experienced practitioners, extending well beyond our individual fields.

The types of things we typically work together on include:

  • laminitis prevention & rehabilitation 

  • lameness / body rehabilitation

  • track systems 

  • environment / property design

  • weight management

  • anything that overlaps our fields 

For dual consults we provide our breadth of services both as individual practitioners (eg. different horses/different needs at the one visit) and/or where applicable, we work directly together (eg. a laminitic horse or help in designing and setting up a track system).


Rehabilitation varies in intensity and we can assist owners with low level rehab in the field (at your property) such as:

  • mild/moderate laminitis

  • lameness from thrush, abscesses or seedy toe etc.

  • mild/moderate rainscald, greasy heel etc.

  • weight & metabolic issues

  • management plans (prevention & treatment)


For horses requiring a higher degree of rehab, it can be problematic doing so in the field for multiple reasons.  In discussion with owners, horses may be required to be brought to our rehab facilities for ease and success of treatment.  Not limited to, but includes:

  • serious laminitic episodes / penetrated pedal bones

  • grade 4 - 5 lameness (varied reasons)

  • severe greasy heel

  • morbidly obese or seriously underweight horses

  • other (where owners are unable to treat at home due to specific limitations)

2nd Chance Rehab Program

Our 2nd Chance Rehab Program has very limited places and may be available to owners who are unable (for various reasons) to go down the challenging journey of rehabilitating their laminitic/foundered horse, but wish to avoid having them put to sleep.  When a horse is given into our care, it is not uncommon for them to stay with us for a couple of years.  Rehab (depending on severity) can be a long and slow process that extends well beyond just fixing damaged hooves.  Body and metabolic issues are addressed, as well as bringing a horse back into work and setting them up for finding suitable, loving, long lasting and well matched homes.  We only accept horses on a case by case scenario and they need to meet certain criteria to be eligible.  Please contact us to discuss.

Dual Consults / Rehabilitation

In-House Care

Need some respite?  Planning holidays?  Have a metabolically challenged horse who has particular needs? 

Enjoy some precious YOU time while we expertly look after your sensitive horse and keep them tracking along... safe, social & sound!

Track System / Paddock Paradise

Slow Feed & Safe Hay

Hoof & Health Care

Professional Attention

Weight Management

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